Deva Nritham This traditional art show is the best traditional show in kerala. It is a festival show where we return to the village with singarimelam to decorate the image of the god we are worshiping from fasting and offer wishes to the people of the village. The show has a history of over two thousand years. This traditional art show will definitely make the people of the world happy. So contact us and conduct the art of our art group in your town. We have the best artists. We are the best devanritham artists in the world. Thanks to all of you on behalf of our art group

Contact our devanritham art group at 9884436365-9884403648



John milton is a musician who now manages the Cultural Arts Group


Aravind This singarimelam musician is a very good musician


Deva Nritham is the artist who appears in the image of God most accurately to do face makeup

Devanritham Artist

Deva Nritham will give this artist a very good look no matter what god disguise he puts on

About Deva Nritham Team

Deva Nritham means God is present. Yes Chera Nadu has been a traditional art event of the people of the for many thousands of years. This traditional art is still intact today. Our team is the best in this art. Long live you all

Our goal is to preserve traditional art and put it in front of you and make all the people of the world happy.